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Andreas Lang



Univ.-Prof. Dr. Andreas Lang

Head; Geomorphology Research Group

Department of Geography and Geology

University of Salzburg

Hellbrunnerstraße 34

5020 Salzburg


Tel: +43 662 8044-5245
Fax: +43 662 8044-525

email: andreas.lang@sbg.ac.at




Personal Details:

Date of Birth: 06.02.1964
Place of Birth: Bretten, Germany
Status: married to Barbara Mauz
Nationality: German


Professional Experience:

  • Since August 2015: Chair of Physical Geography, Department of Geography and Geology, University of Salzburg, Austria
  • November 2011 - July 2015: John Rankin Chair of Geography
  • April 2003 - October 2011: Chair of Physical Geography, Department of Geography and Planning: School of Environmental Sciences, University of Liverpool, UK

Academic Leadership:

Head of Department: (08.07-07.10.)

Deputy Head of School: (08.10.-01.11.)

Research Council Service:

NERC (Natural Environment Research Council, UK)
Member, Peer Review College (2005-08), Chair, Fellowship Panels (2007 & 08),
STFC (Science and Technology Facilities Council, UK)
Member, Steering Committee VERSOX (Versatile Soft X-ray) beamline at Diamond Synchrotron (since 2010)

Referee for:

CERG (Research Grants Council Hong Kong), DFG (German Science Foundation), EEA (Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding, Romania), EPSRC (Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council UK), ERC (European Research Council), FNRS (Fonds de la recherché scientifique, France), FWF (Austrian Funds of Science), The Leverhulme Trust UK, FWO (Research Foundation – Flanders), GA CR (Czech Science Foundation), National Geographic Society USA, NERC (Natural Environment Research Council UK), NCBR (National Centre for Research and Development, Poland); NRF (National Research Foundation, South Africa), NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada), NSF (National Science Foundation USA), NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research), Riksbankens Jubileumsfond Sweden, SNF (Schweizerischer Nationalfonds), Tiroler Wissenschsftsfonds; ÖAW (Austrian Academy of Sciences)

Service for Learned Societies:

European Geoscience Union: President, Geomorphology Division (2011-2015)

International Association of Geomorphologists: Chair, Round Table ‘Geomorphology in Europe’ (since 2012)

British Society for Geomorphology: Chair (2009-10); Member Executive Committee (2007-10); Fellow (elected 2013); Member, Presidents’ Advisory Group (since 2013)

AK Geomorphologie, Germany: Member, Scientific Advisory Board (since 2010)

Editorial Boards:

Founder & Editor of ‘Earth Surface Dynamics - An Interactive Open Access Journal of the EGU’ (since 2013): http://www.earth-surface-dynamics.net/

Member, Founding Editorial Board of ‘SOIL’- An Interactive Open Access Journal of the European Geosciences Union; http://www.soil-journal.net;

Member, Editorial Board of ‘Encyclopaedia of Geomorphology’ (since 2011);
Associate Editor of ‘Geoarchaeology’ (since 2006)
Associate Editor of ‘Zeitschrift fur Geomorphology’ (since 2015)

  • October 2001 – March 2003: Hoofddocent (Senior Lecturer) Instituut voor Aardwetenschappen, Fysische en Regionale Geografie Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium. Member, Departmental Management Group
  • April 2000 – September 2001: Postdoctoral Research Fellow Geographische Institute der Universität, Bonn
  • January 1999 – March 2000: Lecturer Geographische Institute der Universität, Bonn
  • January 1995 – December 1998: Postdoctoral Research Associate Forschungsstelle Archäometrie, Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften, MPI-Kernphysik, Heidelberg. Deputy Head of the Forschungsstelle, Chair Sediment-dating Group
  • January 1994 – December 1994: Research Assistant Forschungsstelle Archäometrie, Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften, MPI-Kernphysik, Heidelberg
  • April 1992 – December 1993: Fellowship holder Landesgraduiertenförderung Baden-Württemberg



  • 14.02.1995: Ph.D. in Geography (Physics and Geology)
  • 11.06.1991: Diplom in Geography (Physics and Biology)
  • 1985 - 1991: University education: Geography, Physics and Biology, University of Heidelberg, Germany




In total more than 120 publications; IS publications 67; citations 2490; H-index 29
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-1604-4898

Publications Researcher ID

Publications Google Scholar

10 relevant publications:

Temme, A., Keiler, M., Krassenberg, D. & A. Lang (2015): Complexity of Earth Surface Systems – Earth Surface Processes and Landforms. DOI: 10.1002/esp.3712

Rousseau, D.D., Chauvel, C., Sima, A., Hatté, C., Lagroix, F., Antoine, P., Balkanski, Y., Fuchs, M., Mellet, C., Ramstein, G., Kageyama, M. & A. Lang (2014): European Glacial Dust Deposits: Geochemical Constraints on Atmospheric Dust Cycle Modelling - Geophysical Research Letters DOI: 10.1002/2014GL061382.

Houben, P., Schmidt, M., Mauz, B., Stobbe, A. & A. Lang (2013): Asynchronous Holocene anthropogenic colluvial and alluvial aggradation: a matter of hydrosedimentary connectivity – The Holocene 23, 544 – 555. DOI: 10.1177/0959683612463105

Verstraeten, G., Lang, A. & P. Houben (2013): Human impact on sediment dynamics — quantification and timing: Editorial, Special Issue of Catena – Catena 77, 77-80.

Rommens, T., Verstraeten, G., Peeters, I., Poesen, J., Govers, G., Van Rompaey, A., Mauz, B., Packman, S. & A. Lang (2007): Reconstruction of late-Holocene slope and dry valley sediment dynamics in a Belgian loess environment – The Holocene 17, 777-788.

Nyssen, J., Poesen, J., Moeyersons, J., Deckers, J., Haile, M. & A. Lang (2004): Man and environment in the Ethiopian Highlands – a state of the art. Earth-Science Reviews 64/3-4: 273-320.

Lang, A. (2003): Phases of soil erosion-caused colluviation in the loess hills of South Germany. – Catena 51, 209-221.

Lang, A., Bork, H.R., Mäckel, R., Preston, N., J. Wunderlich & R. Dikau (2003): Changes in sediment flux and storage within a fluvial system - some examples from the Rhine catchment. – Hydrological Processes 17, 3321–3334.

Lang, A. & S. Hönscheidt (1999): Age and source of soil erosion derived colluvial sediments at Vaihingen-Enz, Germany. – Catena, 38/2, 89-107.

Lang, A., Moya, J., Corominas, J., Schrott, L. & R. Dikau (1999): Classic and new dating methods for assessing the temporal occurrence of mass movements. – Geomorphology, 30/1-2, 33-52.



Landscape Evolution Modelling - bridging the gap between field evidence and numerical models. VW Stiftung; W. Schwanghart (Potsdam), A. Schneider (Cottbus), B. Briant (London) & A. Lang (Salzburg); EUR 24 800.

Current funding AG Geomorphoplogy
Future Lakes ÖAW

Under review:


Deciphering the disintegration and energy dissipation of rock avalanches: luminescence and rock magnetic thermometry; FWF – lead agency proposal together with M. Krautblatter, TU Munich; Salzburg’s contribution: 1 Phd student (€ 220.800)

Quantifying the long-term (150Ma) flux of sediment from southern Africa to the Atlantic Ocean NERC Case project with GETECH; Project lead: David Hodgson, University of Leeds; UK £ 70 k.

ÖAW programme Earth System Science (ESS)
- Glacier-Headwall Interaction and its Influence on Rockfall Activity (€ 299.000)
- Detection and analysis of landslide-induced river course changes and lake formation (€ 250.000)
- Climatic And Topographic Controls on the Holocene Erosion of the Eastern Alps (€ 280.000)

Membership in Scientific Organisations:

• AGU American Geophysical Union

• BSG British Society for Geomorphology (formerly: BGRG) (Chair 2009-10, Fellow since 2013)

• Deutscher Arbeitskreis für Geomorphologie

• ESSC European Society for Soil Conservation

• EGU European Geoscience Union (President, Geomorphology Division, 2011-15)

• Gesellschaft für Naturwissenschaftliche Archäologie

• GSA Geological Society of America

• GSO German Scholars Organisation

• IAHS International Association of Hydrological Sciences

• RGS Royal Geographical Society (Fellow since 2010)

• VGDH Verband der Geographen an Deutschen Hochschulen

• QRA Quaternary Research Association UK



John Rankin Chair of Geography 2011

FRGS Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (elected 2010)

FBSG Fellow of the British Society for Geomorphology (elected 2013)

PhD Supervision (last 5 years):

Ian Thrasher (Liverpool, 2011)

Claire Mellett (Liverpool, 2012)

Emma Morris (Liverpool, 2015)

Sumia Abdualhadi (Liverpool, ongoing)

Christopher James-Oldknow (Liverpool, ongoing)

Janet Richardson (Liverpool, ongoing).

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