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WebGIS applications are powerful tools to present scientific results to the general public. A WebGIS is a GIS-Application whose functionality is combined with internet technology. The user receives spatially referenced geographical information in an interactive viewer according to the request. The GIS processing is performed on the WebGIS server and transferred to the users webbrowser. Learn more about geomorphological WebGIS applications in:

  • Smith, M.J., Hillier, J.K., Otto, J.-C. & M. Geilhausen (2012): Geovisualisation. In: Shroder, J. (Editor in Chief), Bishop, M.P. (Eds.): Treatise on Geomorphology. Academic Press, San Diego, CA, Vol. 3.
  • Otto, J. C., Gustavsson, M. & M. Geilhausen (2011): Cartography. Design, Symbolisation and Visualisation of Geomorphological Maps. In: Smith, M., Paron, P. & J.S. Griffith (eds.): Geomorphological Mapping. Methods and applications. Developments in Earth Surface Processes. Elsevier, London.

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Reintal WebGIS - click to enter

Reintal WebGIS

Within the Reintal WebGIS, the nature trail "Geomorphologischer Lehrpfad am Fuße der Zugspitze" can be crossed virtually! Furthermore it visualizes the outcomes of the research project "Sediment cascades of alpine geosystems". On the base of different orthophotos, topographical and geological maps or shaded reliefs, it presents the spatial distribution of sediment storage types in the Reintal basin drawing on information about topography, hydrology, geophysical soundings, etc. For more detailed information please visit www.reintal-webgis.de or contact Martin Geilhausen or Joachim Götz.
turtmanntal webgis

Turtmanntal WebGIS

The Turtmanntal WebGIS visualizes the outcome of several years of geomorphological research of the Research Training Group 437 – “Landform – a structured and variable boundary layer” at the Department of Geography, University of Bonn. At this first stage mainly information from the geomorphological map 1:25.000 Turtmann Valley is presented. However, more information regarding permafrost distribution, sediment volumes and geophysical soundings will be included in the future. For more information about the data please contact Jan-Christoph Otto, for information about the technical background of the WebGIS contact Martin Geilhausen.

gmkdigital webgis



The web presence of GMK.digital provides an easy and fast access to the geomorphological maps of Germany. More than 30 maps are available at two different scales. The interested user can view all maps in an interactive viewer; furthermore, there is free access to a detailed bibliography on geomorphological mapping and a set of gemorphological mapping symbols. Maps, booklets and other materials are provided for free. For information about the technical background contact Martin Geilhausen.

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